About Piano Tuning

There are more than 200 strings in a piano and it will only develop a pleasant sound if all these strings are perfectly in tune. Then and only then you will qualify a series of simultaneously played notes as being in harmony. An additional difficulty with pianos lies in the fact that most of the notes are produced by three strings which are hit together by one hammer. This is because one string alone would not produce a sufficient sound volume. But it is obvious that all these triplets of strings have to be perfectly in tune with each other. Slightest variations are audible and destroy the beautiful sound of an instrument. There are many reasons for this gradual loss of tune. The strings are highly stressed and lose over longer time periods part of the initial stress, the tone becomes slightly lower then. There may also be a fatigue effect in the steel frame, or the wooden pin block may very slightly cease over time. All these elements are under extreme load and variations in temperature will further contribute to a very slight, but audible, loss of tune.

Despite the excellent quality of the materials and despite the design of modern instruments which benefit from several centuries of continuous improvements, it will always be necessary to perform a piano tuning from time to time.

What means "from time to time" in this context? As a general rule one may consider that once a year is a good practice. According to the circumstances there may be reasons to do it more often or less. However, if you are always playing on the same piano, there is a risk that you get used to the very slow and gradual deterioration of the sound of your instrument. It is therefore advisable to go for a periodic approach and to have it tuned, for example, once a year.


As mentioned before, there are more than 200 strings to be checked and to be tuned individually and precisely. The time required to perform a complete job is normally two or three hours, sometimes more. Not to forget the time spent on the road before and after. All this is covered by the sum of 70 Euro we are charging. If your instrument is in good state and is tuned regularly, a discount will be applied as of our second visit.

We are covering the whole area between Liege, Aachen and Maastricht.


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